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Types of Baseball Uniforms

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Full Button Baseball Jersey
Full Button Baseball Uniforms
The iconic, classic baseball uniform of the golden age of baseball is best expressed as the full button baseball uniform. Though today there are plenty style and color options available, many baseball teams prefer more traditional color schemes such as white with navy pinstripes for the home and a solid navy or black as their road uniform. As far as decoration options are concerned traditional tackle twill lettering and numbering works best with the uniform and complete the iconic look of the baseball uniform. Of course pinstriped pants with stirrup are definitely on the table for any one looking to complete the classic feel of the traditional baseball uniform.

Russell Baseball Uniform
Faux Front Baseball Uniforms
A new twist to a classic design, faux front baseball uniforms appear to be traditional baseball uniforms except they usually only have two functioning buttons and the rest are for decoration. They come in many different colors, dependant on manufacturer and may also come predecorated with piping and panels. In addition to that faux front baseball uniforms work great with decoration since no movement or sliding is possible a full chest heat transfer team emblem will sit right at home on the uniform with the need of extra alignment precautions. Another benefit of the faux front base ball jersey is that it doesn’t separate or stretch at the buttons, which many of the larger team members will greatly appreciate.

Under Armour Baseball Uniform
Two-Button Baseball Uniforms (2-Button Baseball Jerseys)
The two-button is similar to the faux front, but with out the extra superficial buttons. Two-button jerseys offer a very generous amount of decoration space, this is excellent for large team emblems and is appreciated by the not so traditional or men’s softball player. Two-button jerseys tend to be very comfortable by design and are enhanced by the use of moister wicking fabrics. Two-button baseball uniforms are a great choice for any one looking for a non-traditional style and comfort.

Sublimated Baseball Uniform
Sublimated Baseball Uniforms
First and foremost sublimated baseball jerseys are the newest kind of baseball uniform out on the market today. Sublimated baseball uniforms have the option to be as non-traditional and wild as you can possibly imagine or a more traditional look can be utilized for nostalgic effect. There are many different types of fabrics offered for sublimated uniforms, to name a few, mesh, mock mesh, lycra, dazzle and micro fiber are the typical fabrics of choice. In addition to that, the team emblem, player name, numbers and any other decorations of the jersey is dyed directly into the fabric and are guaranteed to never peel, crack or fade.

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