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Saudi Woman May Withdraw From Games Over Hijab Ban

Once more the hijab comes into play...or, more likely, takes an athlete or more specifically Islamic  women OUT of play: Saudi Judo Competitor May Bow Out Over Hijab Ban


NBA To Go All Nascar-Like

It was only a matter of time.  Some league, at some point, was just gonna say, "I give"  (or rather "I Take").  The NBA has announced that their teams' uniforms are for sale.  As in YOUR AD HERE.

I thought for sure it was gonna be the NHL that arrived at this point 1st, but now that the barn door's been opened, shoot, all the animals are gonna commence to commercing (if that's a word).


Easing Up on Track Uniform Rules...Finally!

The National Federation of State High School Associations has -- decided to ease up on the sometime draconian enforcement of ridiculously minor uniform rules--particularly around state tournament time-- when it seemed as though every regulator grew especially persnickety. Here's the scoop:


Stop The Insanity!!!

There's been so much mock hulla-ba-loo about the U.S. Olympic team's Chinese made uniforms, you'd a thunk we was being disqualified for competition due to --I don't know, excessive crapola about a minor issue/reality.