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How to Clean Little League Baseball Uniforms

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Video Transcript
Hi, I'm Karina Fraley for Expert Village and today we're talking about little league. Once you've enrolled your child and you've filled out all of your forms and everything is ready to go, you're going to want to pick up the uniform. You want to really encourage your child to be very respectful of the uniform. It always has to look neat and clean at the start of a game even though it doesn't end up that way normally by the end of a game. But really install in your child a sense of pride little league is a staple of Americana and it really needs to be treated with respect. So when you're done playing the game, make sure that your child if they're old enough and do their own laundry that they wash their uniform quickly and if not be sure that you do that. That you remove any grass stains, that you wash it as directed so that next time your child goes out to play in the uniform they'll show up looking nice and neat and doing the uniform proud.

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