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Women's Volleyball Uniforms - Short Shorts in Particular

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Falstaff, a comical, yet world weary, buffoon in the Shakespearean canon, put forth the notion that "The better part of valour is discretion." Henry V, Pt. I
Henry V, Pt. I
Left unspoken, was the notion that the proper length of women's volleyball shorts, left unto itself, would somehow declare itself. With discretion be damned. Or ignored. Or being "JUNO"-d out of exist or relevance.
volleyball shorts
...And Falstaff, Shakespeare & most coaches & parents wouldn't be any wiser. Except now.
Let me go on.
About 6 years ago, 5" compressions shorts for women's volleyball was considered a tad "risque" due more to the "cling" factor than the length or lack thereof.
About 4 years ago, there started to be a directed (astounding) push toward SHORT and TIGHT. Ala: 2 1/2" inch shorts and Lycra and/or Spandex.
The reaction was nearly immediate and dead-on. It has become the WAY and FIT of most club teams???
Since when did HS VB players associate with Pussy Cat Dolls in VB Uniforms?
To be honest: When HS players started to look like COLLEGE players.
It's the TRUTH and it ain't wrong neither.
THERE.. I said it.
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bryan flake said...

I am the new coach of our rec league team and am wondering where I can get cheap Volleyball Uniforms. Do you know where I can get generic plain uniforms?

Natalie DeVicaris said...

Yes! Check out You can call them Toll Free at 877-703-2070 or send an email to to have someone get in touch with you directly. Great prices and superior customer service!