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From Throwbacks to Throw Back On

 By now you guys know or heard at times that thirty is the new twenty, forty is the new thirty so on and so on. Who's to say that cant apply to sports uniforms? I mean we all know/seen some hideous uniforms in our times but something about retro jerseys just jump out at you. I think its a good time to go back to the basics. With all the new technology and fabrics we came across within the years, I believe its starting to be one big smoke screen that we all are starting to get lost in. Don't get me wrong new is always nice but with new comes a lot of busyness and overload unlike throwbacks. Which I like to think throwbacks style jerseys are like an artist who lives by the saying "Less is More."
Check out the kids from Homestead Ranchers
channeling the Astros throwback jerseys