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Colgate Women's Games 2012

One of our customers, Delco Stallions Track Club competed in this event.

I wish I've had heard of this sooner, it looks like an excellent indoor track event that's very competitive and positive.


Ryan Howard Donates $1.2 Million To Philadelphia School District

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia Phillies star Ryan Howard is helping local students dress for success – in athletics.

The first baseman announced Thursday that his Ryan Howard Family Foundation will donate Adidas sportswear valued at nearly $1.2 million to the cash-strapped Philadelphia school district.

The gift will enable 57 city high schools to select athletic shoes and apparel to match the schools' colors. Four middle school athletic programs will receive shoes.

Acting Superintendent Leroy Nunery says the donation "will make a world of difference to our athletes." The school district had a budget gap of more than $629 million this year, forcing layoffs and cuts in many programs.

Howard's foundation is also providing turkeys, winter coats and school supplies to more than 500 struggling families in the Philadelphia area.

Source — Huffington Post


Did we win or Lose? Yokota Beats Kubasaki for Div 1 Championship

As you may or my not know, Team Sports Planet has a uniform and equipment contract with The Department of Defense Education Activity Pacific Schools. In the video above, we've out fitted both team with their awesome football uniforms and helmets!

Here's an excerpt from Stars and Stripes:
“They were phenomenal,” said Tim Pujol, who got his 108th win in 13 seasons as Panthers coach. “We had some design on using them extensively, obviously, and they came through big time. They’ve been on fire these last couple of games.”

You can read the full article here at Stars and Stripes


Xenith Rolls Out Concussion Detection Program

Xenith Rolls Out Concussion Detection Program
SportsOneSource Media Posted: 11/7/2011

Xenith LLC, the maker of football helmets, announced a partnership with PAR Inc., and its newly developed Concussion Recognition and Response (CRR) Mobile Application. As a result of this partnership, Xenith and PAR Inc. will work together to educate coaches, administrators, parents, and athletic trainers nationwide on signs, symptoms and recognition of concussions.

The application, developed by Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, and Jason Mihalik, PhD, is designed to assist in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion, allowing for a quick and appropriate response. The application takes less than 5 minutes to administer and is iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android compatible.

"We are extremely excited to partner with Xenith to enhance safety for athlete populations," said CRR co-author Dr. Gerry Gioia. "We continue to be impressed with both Xenith's innovative technology and their company-wide mission to improve education and awareness. We look forward to working collectively to improve safety measures nationwide."

As a result of this partnership, Xenith and PAR Inc. will provide the CRR Application to the entire Snoop Youth Football League, making this the first ever league-wide adoption of CRR. The application will also be available on Xenith's newly developed Xenith Academy, an online educational risk reduction Curriculum available to athletes, coaches, parents and league administrators.

"Proper recognition and management of injuries are critical parts of a complete risk reduction strategy, and CRR technology assists in that process," said Xenith Founder and CEO Vin Ferrara. "Dr. Mihalik and Dr. Gioia are leaders in the field of concussion research, and I look forward to working with them on this initiative."

Xenith is the Official Safety Partner of The Snoop Youth Football League, founded by Hip-Hop superstar Snoop Dogg. "We are thrilled to implement the CRR system league-wide into the SYFL," said SYFL Commissioner Haamid Wadood. "We will ensure that every coach, parent, and League President has access to this new technology. We thank Xenith for its support as our Official Safety Partner."

Based in Lowell, MA, Xenith's helmets are designed to adapt to varying levels of impact energy and direction through the response of the patented technology, Xenith Adaptive Head Protection. Xenith's Fit Seeker Technology is designed to keep the helmet secure during impact. Xenith helmets have been worn by over 100,000 athletes at all levels of play.


NBA Lockout 2011: Players, Owners Fail To Reach New Collective Bargaining Agreement

The NBA lockout is here to stay and it just doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. It's unfortunate for all of the true NBA fans around the world, left with no one to root for, while owners, players and others can't come to an agreement. Another unforeseen problem cause by the economy. So what other options do the disgruntled NBA fans have to assuage their hunger for the sport?
Angry Mob
They could watch Minor League Basketball and the fact that the leagues are very regional helps too! The main drawback to this is finding a station that would air their games, public access, CN8, etc...?

Basketball fans could start showing more support their local High School Basketball team. The players are local stars and the tickets are cheaper than any NBA game I could imagine. $20 a seat? Maybe?

Or you could get off your butt and start your own basketball team instead of being an "Armchair Quarterback Point Guard." That way you can put in all of hard work and dedication you expect of your favorite basketball heroes with half of the critics and none of the salary! :)


Baseball Batting Helmet Safety and Chase Utley

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Chase Utley

Concussions lead to discussions and this time Chase Utley, a second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies is the talk of the town.

...There is an undeniable risk in playing a sport in which a rock-hard object can hit you in the head, so you would think the idea of better protection for the brain would be a no-brainer...

Inside the Phillies: Despite Utley injury, players not inclined to wear safer helmet

Volleyball: Middle Blocker Swing Block

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Looking for Women's Volleyball Uniforms?

How To Block In Volleyball - Volleyball Blocking Techniques

Looking for Men's Volleyball Uniforms?
Looking for Women's Volleyball Uniforms?


The U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team: The Best of The Best!

The US Women's National Volleyball Team are The World Champions!

"...The second-ranked Americans have now won the tournament four times, with all four titles occurring in China (1995 in Shanghai, 2001 in Macau, 2010 in Ningbo and 2011 in Macau). Team USA also has World Grand Prix bronze medals to its credit won in 2003 and 2004. Just two days ago Brazil defeated the U.S. 22-25, 26-24, 25-21, 25-20 to conclude the World Grand Prix Final Round Pool B on Aug. 26. Both teams had already qualified for the semifinals regardless of the outcome of the pool match...."

U.S. Women Claim Fourth FIVB World Grand Prix Title


How To Serve A Volleyball

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Looking for Women's Volleyball Uniforms?

Men's Volleyball: USA vs Cuba!

Here's a short excerpt from, I had to share this!

"The United States (3-0) wins Group B and will have Thursday off while the quarterfinals are played. It will play again in Friday’s semifinals (3 p.m. or 5 p.m. PT). Cuba (2-1) will play in Thursday’s quarterfinals. The top two finishers at NORCECA will qualify for the 2011 FIVB World Cup, which is the first qualifier for the 2012 Olympic Games in London."

U.S. Men Fight Back to Defeat Cuba at NORCECA


Camouflage Fastpitch Softball Uniforms

Camouflage Baseball UniformsCamouflage baseball uniforms have become extremely popular in the last few years, with teams like the Padres sporting them a few times a season at home. The USA Baseball Collegiate National Team was also looking sharp in a simple camo design, as they competed in this years’five-game international friendship series. As you can imagine, camo fever has caught on with other sports, including women’s fastpitch softball. Gone are the days of strictly tan hues, as teams get creative with their choice of color schemes. For many softball teams, bright vivid colors rule the field – hot pinks, limes, purples and oranges are no exception when choosing colors. Check out some of these vivid softball camo uniforms that are sure to turn heads!

These are some of the newest softball uniforms designed at

Sublimated Softball UniformADV Camo 2

camouflage softball uniformsBlue and Cyan Camouflage Softball Uniform

Sublimated Softball UniformsHot Pink and Yellow Camouflage Softball Uniform

Custom Softball UniformsRed and Grey Camouflage Softball Uniform

Camouflage Fastpitch Softball UniformsElite Bash Deluxe

Camouflage Fastpitch UniformsTeal Camouflage Softball Uniform

Softball UniformsUS Woodland/Army Camouflage Color Scheme

Camo Softball Uniforms"Chocolate Chip"/Desert Camouflage Softball Uniforms

Camouflage Fastpitch Softball UniformPurple and Athletic Gold Camouflage Fastpitch Softball Uniform

Camouflage Softball UniformsOrange and Teal Camo Uniform

Custom Softball UniformsRoyal and Grey Camouflage Uniform

Fastpitch Softball UniformsFlorescent Green/Neon Green and Hot Pink Fastpitch Softball Uniform

Camouflage Fastpitch Softball UniformsHot Pink and Teal Camouflage Softball Uniforms

Camouflage Fastpitch UniformsForest Green and Black Camouflage Fastpitch Uniforms

While you're still here, check out these links
Sports Uniform Stuff/Team Sports Planet on Facebook

The Best Fastpitch Softball Uniforms on the Planet!


American Baseball Uniforms: Pants Vs Socks

baseball pants
In a classic traditionalist baseball argument against anything new and/or different the debate rages on about the length of modern baseball pants and the traditional high sock/knicker length pant.

"...When I put on short pants I know it's game day," Oswalt said. "It's old school, and that's kind of like how I am. I'm not one of these guys that takes the rubber band out of the bottom of their pants or does the bell-bottom-type pants. That's new-era stuff..."

Philadelphia Inquirer: Baseball Socks and Appeal


Camouflage Football Uniforms: Support Our Troops!

Camouflage Football Uniforms: Support Our Troops!
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Camouflage Football Uniform
This post is a follow up post to further honor our men and women in the armed service. After I've finished the Camouflage Baseball Uniforms post, I realized my job just isn't finished. So this post about camouflage football uniforms is here to "Git Er Done!"

Football UniformsUnstoppable!

Camouflage Football UniformVictory!

Camouflage Football UniformCorona del Sol

Camouflage Football UniformThe Omaha Nighthawks in Camouflage!

Camouflage Football UniformCommitment! Service! Country!

Camouflage Football UniformUtah Utes in Under Armour Camo Uniforms

Camouflage Football UniformCamouflage Football Helmets

Camouflage Football UniformThe Army in Black Football Uniforms

Camouflage Football UniformLimited Edition Under Armour Football Cleats


Military Discount
Ask about our military discount!


New Xenith X2 Football Helmets

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Football Helmets
The New Xenith X2 Football Helmets are awesome!

Close up of cushion
Adapts To The Head
The X2's Crown Fit Band allows for precise fit around the circumference of the head.

Tightening the chin straps
Fit Seeker cinches around the back of the head and jaw pads to comfortably secure the helmet. Interchangeable jaw and comfort pads offer and additional level of customization and comfort.

Adapts To The Hit
Adapts To The Hit
Shock Bonnet adapts the helmet's compression to the magnitude and direction of the impact, reducing the sudden movement of the head.

1 Shell
Polycarbonate Adult Shell and Impact Modified ABS Plastic youth Shell with Air Flow Vents.

2 Snap Buckle
Precision Plastic Buckle with Smooth, Rounded Edge

3 Facemask Clips
Custom Designed, Durable Plastic

4 Facemask
Carbon Steel with Polyethylene Powder Coating

5 Chin Cup
Vented Synthetic Leather Soft Chin Cup Lined with Moisture-Wicking Fabric

6 Chinstraps
High Strength Nylon Webbing with Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane Coating

Over all, the new helmets are pretty good!


Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmets: Dangerously Uncool or Stylishly Safe?

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Rawlings Batting Helmets
Hey I found this article to be a very good read. Enjoy!

"I have heard some recent talk about a newer, safer helmet that Rawlings plans on introducing to the major leaguers. It's called the Rawlings Coolflo S100. But that’s not all I’ve heard.

Rumor, and the NY Times, has it that many MLB players think the new helmet is going to crimp their style. Mets right fielder Jeff Francoeur said of the aesthetically unpleasing helmet (which really, isn’t that different looking), "We are going to look like clowns out there.

Strike up the violins. Anybody feel sorry yet? Nope? Good—hold that thought."

Read the full article here - Bleacher Report: Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmets: Dangerously Uncool or Stylishly Safe?


Baseball Batting Helmet Safety

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Xenith Batting Helmet
Unlike football, boxing and MMA, baseball is not a contact sport. Despite that fact safety precautions must still be applied and understood by all players of the sport, specifically I'm speaking about baseball batting helmets.

Currently attitudes about wearing batting helmets for baseball have changed drastically since the were first invented by Roger Bresnahan in 1908. Roger Bresnahan, the New York Giants catcher was hospitalized for a month during a baseball game after being hit in the head. After learning from first hand and a near fatal experience about the damage a speeding baseball can cause to players, he invented the baseball batting helmet!

Today batting helmets are mandatory in the MLB for players and coaches that are on the field, even the bat and ball boys/girls are required too! It's great to see that attitudes towards the safety of the players are taken seriously and progress in is being made in the advancement of the technology for the safety equipment as well.


How Do I Wear Baseball Socks & Pants?

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Video Transcript
I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor and today we're going to be talking about how to wear baseball socks and pants.

Now, what's important to understand is there is a correct way to wear your socks also known more formally as a stirrup. It's pretty self explanatory how to put on a regular sock. That would be the same way you wear a baseball sock but a stirrup actually has a right way and a wrong way. If you look at the angle of the stirrup right there, that part, this part is the bigger cut out. That is the part that's supposed to go in the, in the back of your leg. The shorter part is supposed to go in the front of your leg, therefore making your stirrups stay a little further down on your leg. As I put this on here, you'll see the difference even though it's still black you can still see it.

The idea is to have your stirrup come down on the front and also on the back, therefore covering your feet but at the same time still being able to recognize that it is a stirrup rather than just a plain sock. So, once again, as I explained that this section of the sock, of the stirrup is the part that goes in the back and this section is the part that goes on the front.

Now, with your baseball socks you are able to wear your pants any way you would like. If you would like to wear them up, it is okay to wear them up around closer to your knee. If you'd like to wear them down, it is okay to wear them down. I would suggest, however, pulling your socks up high even if they are underneath your pants, that way when you are running and playing, they don't bother you. They don't cause you any problems with your pants. If your socks have a tendency to fall down or slide down, you should look at getting a new pair of socks to make sure that the elastic band is tight when you pull them up and I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor and we've just explained how to wear baseball pants and socks.

How to Buy Little League Baseball Uniforms

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Hi, I'm Karina Fraley for Expert Village and today we're talking about enrolling your child in little league. Once you've enrolled you child, you're going to have to get a uniform. You can buy a little league uniform through one of the vendors that the little league organization works with. You are going to have to purchase your own and there are a few options, they're not tons of options but there are I think 3 different lettering options and you can have a cap and socks and visors that can be ordered as well. The packages are pretty reasonably priced. A shirt and a hat could be bought for about $25 and they do go up from there. But that would just be something that your individual team determines what your uniform would be and where you would get it from. So again, you are responsible for providing your child's uniform so don't be surprised once you enroll, that is going to be an added expense.


How Do I Wear Baseball Pants High?

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Video Transcript
I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And today, we are going to be talking about how to wear our baseball pants high. There are two ways to wear our pants high. One way is we pull our pants up and you kind of let your pants be loose all the way through your whole, your whole leg. This is also a personal preference. Anyway you would like to wear them where your pants are loose. Another way, another way that a lot of people do it is they fold, they fold their pants underneath and the roll them. And as they roll them and it's important to be careful not to, not to roll too much but more of a folding motion rather than a rolling motion. Therefore getting rid of the wrinkles but still allowing you to wear your pants high. Okay. There's, there's the difference in the two ways to wear them. You can either roll them underneath or you can pull them and let them kind of bunch up. Either way, it allows you to wear your pants high. I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And we've just explained how to wear baseball pants high.

How to Clean Little League Baseball Uniforms

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Video Transcript
Hi, I'm Karina Fraley for Expert Village and today we're talking about little league. Once you've enrolled your child and you've filled out all of your forms and everything is ready to go, you're going to want to pick up the uniform. You want to really encourage your child to be very respectful of the uniform. It always has to look neat and clean at the start of a game even though it doesn't end up that way normally by the end of a game. But really install in your child a sense of pride little league is a staple of Americana and it really needs to be treated with respect. So when you're done playing the game, make sure that your child if they're old enough and do their own laundry that they wash their uniform quickly and if not be sure that you do that. That you remove any grass stains, that you wash it as directed so that next time your child goes out to play in the uniform they'll show up looking nice and neat and doing the uniform proud.