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Welcome to the Jungle!

Basketball animal print uniforms

Recently, the use of animal print in team sports apparel has exploded!

Zebra print softball jersey
Tiger print softball jersey

Leopard, zebra, tiger, elephant, alligator, OH MY! - all now viable decoration options. The ability to customize with sublimation technology (dying the patterns directly into the fabric) has definitely helped bring this type of uniform style to a whole new level! And it's not just the uniforms that are getting the jungle makeover - accessories, such as socks and hats have also been spotted with wild prints.

And it's all across the board - not just one sport that is diggin' animal style in their jerseys. Bikers and wrestlers are already known for having very eccentric and flashy styles, but this trend seems to be transcending into other traditional sports, such as basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, cheer and even football! Check out some of the unusual and creative applications of animal prints below:

Baseball with Leopard print?
Cyclists have all the fun!
elephant animal print basketball jerseys
Elephant Print on basketball jerseys - very interesting to say the least!
I wonder if players from back in the day EVER imagined that teams would be donning jungle-inspired patterns in their uniforms.

 I'll be curious to see how animal print jerseys evolve over the years or if this is just a passing trend.

Do you like to see wildlife prints in team uniforms?