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How to Buy Little League Baseball Uniforms

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Hi, I'm Karina Fraley for Expert Village and today we're talking about enrolling your child in little league. Once you've enrolled you child, you're going to have to get a uniform. You can buy a little league uniform through one of the vendors that the little league organization works with. You are going to have to purchase your own and there are a few options, they're not tons of options but there are I think 3 different lettering options and you can have a cap and socks and visors that can be ordered as well. The packages are pretty reasonably priced. A shirt and a hat could be bought for about $25 and they do go up from there. But that would just be something that your individual team determines what your uniform would be and where you would get it from. So again, you are responsible for providing your child's uniform so don't be surprised once you enroll, that is going to be an added expense.

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