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How Do I Wear Baseball Socks & Pants?

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Video Transcript
I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor and today we're going to be talking about how to wear baseball socks and pants.

Now, what's important to understand is there is a correct way to wear your socks also known more formally as a stirrup. It's pretty self explanatory how to put on a regular sock. That would be the same way you wear a baseball sock but a stirrup actually has a right way and a wrong way. If you look at the angle of the stirrup right there, that part, this part is the bigger cut out. That is the part that's supposed to go in the, in the back of your leg. The shorter part is supposed to go in the front of your leg, therefore making your stirrups stay a little further down on your leg. As I put this on here, you'll see the difference even though it's still black you can still see it.

The idea is to have your stirrup come down on the front and also on the back, therefore covering your feet but at the same time still being able to recognize that it is a stirrup rather than just a plain sock. So, once again, as I explained that this section of the sock, of the stirrup is the part that goes in the back and this section is the part that goes on the front.

Now, with your baseball socks you are able to wear your pants any way you would like. If you would like to wear them up, it is okay to wear them up around closer to your knee. If you'd like to wear them down, it is okay to wear them down. I would suggest, however, pulling your socks up high even if they are underneath your pants, that way when you are running and playing, they don't bother you. They don't cause you any problems with your pants. If your socks have a tendency to fall down or slide down, you should look at getting a new pair of socks to make sure that the elastic band is tight when you pull them up and I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor and we've just explained how to wear baseball pants and socks.

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