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How Do I Wear Baseball Pants High?

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Video Transcript
I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And today, we are going to be talking about how to wear our baseball pants high. There are two ways to wear our pants high. One way is we pull our pants up and you kind of let your pants be loose all the way through your whole, your whole leg. This is also a personal preference. Anyway you would like to wear them where your pants are loose. Another way, another way that a lot of people do it is they fold, they fold their pants underneath and the roll them. And as they roll them and it's important to be careful not to, not to roll too much but more of a folding motion rather than a rolling motion. Therefore getting rid of the wrinkles but still allowing you to wear your pants high. Okay. There's, there's the difference in the two ways to wear them. You can either roll them underneath or you can pull them and let them kind of bunch up. Either way, it allows you to wear your pants high. I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And we've just explained how to wear baseball pants high.

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