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Xenith X1 Football Helmet - Jaw Shock Absorber Replacement

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Xenith X1 Football Helmet - Jaw Shock Absorber Replacement


Football Helmets: Technology and Concussions

Looking for Xenith Football Helmets? Click Here!
Xenith X1 Football Helmet
As the great football safety debate rages on, the need for safer more technologically advanced football equipment grows, specifically football helmets. Before this football season the need for improved safety and the call for better equipment has been largely overlook, suppressed and in most cases down right ignored.

Today is a new day and that is no longer the case, with the recent rash in concussions, the NFL and all other leagues and associations can no longer ignore this inconvenient truth. Something has got to be done and now is time for a change!

So what to do and where to start? At the top and in football that means the helmet, the most important piece of equipment any player owns. Today, the sport of football has come a long way since the days for leather and hand crafting was the height of technology, now polycarbonate shells lined with dense foam padding either polyurethane, polystyrene, polypropylene, ethylene vinyl acetate or a combination is standard for use in modern football helmet design.

Even still this isn't enough and we must push the limits. Today many experts believe that Xenith's X1 is the future of football and here's why:

"When a player wearing an X1 takes a relatively mild hit, the pressure forces air out of the pinholes, dispelling force by deflating the absorber until it’s as flat as a saucer. When the pressure is removed, the absorbers reinflate quickly… and the helmet is ready for the next impact. During a more violent collision… the higher level of force tries to displace the air more quickly than the pinhole can accommodate, thereby increasing the air pressure inside the absorber. That pressure stiffens the disk, offering skull protection much as traditional helmets do."

So is there hope for the future? I sure believe so!


The NFL, Helmets and Concussions

In recent news football related concussions has taken the spot light and some sources claim that football related concussions have gone up 21% this season! This is not a good sign.

The NFL has been taking note of this and hasn't been sitting idly by, it has been desperately searching for a solution for problem and has called for some surprising and not so surprising friends.

The NFL has consulted equipment makers, sports researchers, the military and even NASCAR about how to improve helmet safety and cut down on concussions. Even the idea of "Soft-Shelled Football Helmets" have been taken in to consideration to improve player safety and reduce brain damage.

With all the innovation and brainstorming the bottom line is something has to change for the sport to continue to thrive and prosper.


Name, Rank & Player Number

Cliff Lee's return to Philly has brought joy to the fan base. And...a little bit of a problem with his jersey. Specifically...his "new" player number.

It's fairly common for players to change numbers in team sports (particularly ones with free agency). But it's very, very unusual for top shelf players to RETURN to a team that they'd previously played for, as is the case with the Phils and Cliff Lee.

For those who don't know: He was, for the latter half of the 2009 season (and playoffs) a Phillie. Before being traded to the Seattle Mariners. And then the Texas Rangers. But you don't need to be reading about this stuff here. Just 1) Awake from your coma and 2) Turn on the tube. Either "You" version or the old school "boob" style will work fine).

"Thank God I didn't throw out my Cliff Lee T-shirt!"

That's exactly what my wife said to me yesterday. And my initial reaction was...
"Hey yeah, that is pretty cool".


Turns out that, while the name is the same, Lee's number has switcherooed. Seems that, in the brief time --in baseball years-- that has elapsed since his departure, a fella by the name of Roy Halladay has been acquired by the Phils. And you guessed it: Roy wears number 34. Cliff's OLD number. So, Cliff Lee will keep his "old" Texas Rangers # 33.

FYI: He was # 36 in Seattle & # 31 in Cleveland for the record...and the numerous (HA!) player number geeks who troll herein!

So now....the fan conundrum: Is it A-OK to wear the old (wrong # 34) Cliff Lee jersey? Must my wife upgrade to the new # 33? Or are the # 33 Lee jerseys wearers band wagoners?

The Phillies have bet heavy on the proposition that my wife (and lots of her "Lee Lovin'" ilk) will shovel over new cash for a # 33 jersey.

How To Get Interceptions In Football Part 4



Contrary To What I Thought I Might Think

I'm okay with the FIFA Ruling on the Iranian Women's soccer team's uniforms.

I have a problem with radical Islam. I certainly have a big problem with Iran's refusal to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. And I hate it whenever politics interrupts sports, particularly youth sports.

But as the Sports Uniform Guy, I got no problem with FIFA making Iran's girls soccer team wear a skull cap as opposed to the hijab that Iran wanted them to wear. And that Iran objected to their previously being barred from participation based on their desired uniform choice. This falls into my, "Life is too short to ruin a good game of [FILL IN ANY SPORT]" category.

But, just for some perspective, this is how girls in Iran looked whilst playing soccer back in the godforsaken 70's....proving it wasn't all satin and crushed velvet back then!

Sports Uniform


Penn Relays + The NFL Draft

Usain Bolt at the 2010 Penn Relays

I didn't make it out to the Penn Relays last week, because I'm lame. And there was that little thing, the NFL Draft, which is --arguably-- the raison d'etre for the Internet. I feel the TV aspect is virtually unwatchable; but I LOVE the multi-source continual data load required with each passing pick. (I've been a Draft/Internet fiend since, I swear 1996-97-ish.) I hear Saturday was beautiful. I never emerged from my man cave.

Usain Bolt at the 2010 Penn Relays

But we did send a crack photographic crew to the Penn Relays. This is what they came back with:

Bill Cosby at the 2010 Penn Relays

Bill Cosby at the 2010 Penn Relays

Penn Relays 2010

Sports Uniform


Penn Relays To Get Jolt of Bolt

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As a Philly native (i.e., a strong opinion about anything sports-related and not afraid to espouse it), it is my firmly held conviction that the Penn Relays don't really require a whole lot of extra hullabaloo to maintain it's status as one of the country's premier track& field events.

Franklin Field
Yeah, I know it's the oldest & largest, too. But those criteria alone don't exact make a track event sizzle. As in, "Hey, let's go watch the fat, old dudes race against each other."old fat dudes in spandex

Then again, when 3X Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt decides he wants to participate, any event's "street cred" would spike upward. (heck, maybe even Dancing With the Stars)

True, the Penn Relays, held @ the Univ. of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field (since 1895), has stood the test of time. It can get along quite nicely without any singular athlete and their associated shijizzle (or however Snoop Dogg would modify).Snoop Doggy Dogg

But Bolt's a special athlete. No doubt. Hailing from the track star, spawning grounds of Jamaica, Usain is the current world record holder in the 100 meter. By the most commonly used measuring instrument, he is "the World's Fastest Human Being". And at 9.58 sec., he is most definitely jammin'.Usain Bolt

Bolt is expected to take part in the 4X100 relay pitting USA vs. THE WORLD, scheduled for 4:15 on Saturday the 24th (The event kicks into high gear on Thursday the 22nd).

And just when you thought you could get out of here without some mention of the uniforms being worn....WRONG! We will have our eyes peeled and be taking notes. With Jamaica representing, you know it's going be to be colorful!
Miss Jamaica 2007

Sports Uniform Guy





I'm curious as to what folks think about what the athletes from the various countries are wearing in Vancouver. Warm-ups, get-ups, whatev..... Shout out!

I'll start it off with my --as per usual--- snarky take:

TEAM USA -- Hate the "mock torn jeans" look. Even though I am wearing torn jeans as I type this and just find it obnoxious for our prize athletes be decked out in any sort of variation of this theme. Really, I ask you, what do you think were the bright ideas they dispensed of BEFORE deciding to go with "mock torn jeans"?!?!?