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Football Uniforms and Lingerie

Lingerie Football League
I feel obliged to note the upsurge here in Philly concerning the Lingerie Football League (maybe "concerning" isn't the right word..whatever.) News has been rampant regarding the "Philadelphia Passion" joining this one year old league. An all-female football league.

True Fantasy Football!And, yes, you read right, that's LINGERIE Football League. Teams are made up (7-on-a-side) of young women who wear lingerie (actually short-shorts & bikini tops) while playing tackle football. A dose of harmless entertainment for the fellas? Or another sign of the impending apocalypse? You judge. Lest you be judged. Huh?

Say what you will, when the tryouts were held here in town the sports media was out in force. A 3 hr. tryout session has resulted in no fewer than five photos in the two daily newspapers (What are those things again?). I wonder why the enthusiasm? (duh!)

The commissioner of the league, a questionable lad named Mitch Mortaza, makes no bones about the fact that the sole raison d' etre for the whole league (now 10 teams) is...well, for lack of a better term, "true fantasy football"!

Basic cable as a little skeeved outThe league is an off-shoot of the Lingerie Bowl. This was/is (???) a Super Bowl halftime viewing option in "select markets", for those uninterested in Springsteen, Sting & the like. Apparently last year's event was not fit for TV, as it was apparently held at a nudist colony. And the "locals" felt the need to come as they are...and, well, even basic cable was a little skeeved out by that. (You can't make this kinda crap up!)

There's a real case to be made for why this is an awful development. With Title IX still in the news, with school budget cutbacks and the obvious moral issues that leap out at you. The issues have been debated, defended and debunked for a long, long time.

But it is unusual for these lascivious matters to creep their way into my team sports uniform space. So there you have it.Lingerie Football UniformPink and Black is where its at!

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Fawn said...

A little nudity never hurt anyone. Enjoy life and long live lingerie football!

Morgan said...

Are those hockey helmets they are wearing? Indoor play? 7 gal-play... is everyone eligible (for a forward pass that is)?

Blackjack said...

It gives only excitement. I love lingerie football.

Fence Philadelphia said...

No question, the Lingerie Football League is my favorite and it is because of the uniforms. Of course, I would not want to see the Eagles wearing anything like that...