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From Throwbacks to Throw Back On

 By now you guys know or heard at times that thirty is the new twenty, forty is the new thirty so on and so on. Who's to say that cant apply to sports uniforms? I mean we all know/seen some hideous uniforms in our times but something about retro jerseys just jump out at you. I think its a good time to go back to the basics. With all the new technology and fabrics we came across within the years, I believe its starting to be one big smoke screen that we all are starting to get lost in. Don't get me wrong new is always nice but with new comes a lot of busyness and overload unlike throwbacks. Which I like to think throwbacks style jerseys are like an artist who lives by the saying "Less is More."
Check out the kids from Homestead Ranchers
channeling the Astros throwback jerseys


Bird..Bird..Bird.. Elite Louisville is the Word

The tip-off to a new season is only a few weeks away(pun very much intended). So what should be on your mind besides making it to the chip and winning it all? Looking great as you do it. Plus I know just the right look to fix that, The Elite Louisville package. And the good news about this package is teams will be too focus on your jerseys how/where to get them, that the competition will be little to none and hopefully with that your team can ride the luck Louisville had and win it all.

TSP: Elite Louisville Package


What Not to Wear: Fashion or Football?

Well folks, It was only a matter of time until the fashion police (oops... I meant the suits of the NFL) stepped in and start putting a stop to players customized facemasks. And who is the frontrunner of these talks? No other than the pioneer of the custom facemask Justin Tuck. Which in a interview said his "wasn't a fashion statement" and is for medical reasons only, he suffered a eye injury in the past (..Rrright). Then why not wear a 3 bar facemask with a visor so a lineman's hand wouldn't be able to fit through if that was the case. I really don't see what the big deal the NFL is making about them but don't try and play it off as something medical because when it comes down to it, I think  players are just tried of getting grabbed and pulled by their facemask and are just trying to find ways to cut that down or eliminate completely. I love the ideal of wiping out the facemask penalty on top of the way they look. Its just another way for the football suits trying to suck the life out of the game as well as how players express themselves.

Check out this article from The New York Times
The New York Times


The Hunt for a Pink October

Well everybody......... The hunt is over, and just in time to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or better said in the sports terminology world as "Saving Second Base". What else would look better than fighting for a W in pink camo while standing up to the fight against Breast Cancer at the same time? Don't worry I can wait........(nothing).......... cause I can't come up with a better look than this Elite Camo Rama package. Plus choose your style by showing off the team as "On the field vets" in three color traditional  or "Leaders of the new school" in four color digital. Either way you look at it, its a win-win. You're standing up for a good cause and looking good as you do it.

Elite Camo Rama 

Color ways for the guys who

 want to feel "Pretty in Pink" too

while showing some support
Here's a idea for the fall ball players and teams that will be playing in October; For the whole time during Breast Cancer Awareness Month DON'T steal second base in support for the fight our close friends & love ones are going through.

 And it doesn't have to stop there with only the uniforms,
                                                 up the ante with accessories to match.

Mizuno Organizer Bat Pack
Mizuno Premier G3

Jennie Finch Headband 

Rawlings 2 Tone Coolflow


Welcome to the Jungle!

Basketball animal print uniforms

Recently, the use of animal print in team sports apparel has exploded!

Zebra print softball jersey
Tiger print softball jersey

Leopard, zebra, tiger, elephant, alligator, OH MY! - all now viable decoration options. The ability to customize with sublimation technology (dying the patterns directly into the fabric) has definitely helped bring this type of uniform style to a whole new level! And it's not just the uniforms that are getting the jungle makeover - accessories, such as socks and hats have also been spotted with wild prints.

And it's all across the board - not just one sport that is diggin' animal style in their jerseys. Bikers and wrestlers are already known for having very eccentric and flashy styles, but this trend seems to be transcending into other traditional sports, such as basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, cheer and even football! Check out some of the unusual and creative applications of animal prints below:

Baseball with Leopard print?
Cyclists have all the fun!
elephant animal print basketball jerseys
Elephant Print on basketball jerseys - very interesting to say the least!
I wonder if players from back in the day EVER imagined that teams would be donning jungle-inspired patterns in their uniforms.

 I'll be curious to see how animal print jerseys evolve over the years or if this is just a passing trend.

Do you like to see wildlife prints in team uniforms?





Back to the Future

If your eyes haven't been following the CWS (College World Series), don't worry - you didn't travel back in time. The retro look is just stepping out of its time capsule and making a comeback. Louisville, NC State and Mississippi State are going for the 70's/80's look of the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox. I have to say "I can dig it"! At least it's easy on the eyes, unlike their basketball uniforms from this years tournament.


UNC's New Football Uniforms: True Blue and Black, Too?

The University of North Carolina's football team (the Tar Heels) recently unveiled their new look for the coming 2013 season.    I like them.  Columbia Blue (almost universally referred to as "Carolina Blue" everywhere other than the trademark infringement, lawyer averse sporting goods industry) isn't the easiest color to work with.  "Powder Blue" or "Sky" or "Light" or --heaven forbid-- "Baby Blue" doesn't help with the color's street cred either.  Particularly when that street is 100 yards long and designed for violent interaction between large men.  So Nike should be commended.

On the other hand, I remember a trend in the NFL awhile back (and the NBA) to add black to the color scheme of every team.  Even where it made no sense whatsoever.  I was living in LA at the time, which coincided with Al Davis' Oakland Raiders brief stay in that football phobic metropolis.   Even in my hometown of Philly, the Eagles have, most regrettably awkwardly infused the color black strategy.  Thankfully, those fashion-forward, but football forgettable uniforms are kept shuttered in for most of any season.   And a quick peek at the 3 uniforms below should be all the proof you need to understand why.  A splash of black on a jersey?  Awesome. Mostly black jersey?  Looks great at the mall.  On the football field?   I don't buy it.


Will the Pelicans Fly in New Orleans?

If there's almost no logic to the Utah Jazz (formerly New Orleans based NBA team, where the name --Jazz--made a ton of sense), there may be some rhyme or reason to the the proposed new name for the Hornets, the New Orleans Pelicans

The formerly the Charlotte, NC-based NBA team, where the name --Hornets--once more made sense and never has down on the Bayou. 

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous naturalistic anomoly of the LA Lakers, a city that, prior to the late 19th century was essentially a DESERT!

But it seems that the New Orleans Pelicans are set to fly into the NBA in the 2013-14 season.


It seems, at least to the team owner Tom Benson, that Pelicans will resonate much more with the local community.  Really?!?!   Or has Mardi Gras started early in the executive offices?


Thoughts on Hockey Unis

Here in Philly, we're all "Flyer'd UP!" about the return of the NHL.  Would be more so if we didn't "jump out" to an 0-2 start, but Hey, it's a long season.

Wait...It's not a long season?!?!

Anyhoo, the folks over at Bleacher Report took this opportunity to reflect on the state of unis in hockey.  Some takes on the subject had me in stitiches, so I thought I'd share their thoughts with, as we say in Flyer Nation, "Youz Guyz"

NHL Uniforms on the Chopping Block


Cleveland Browns Brouhaha

Browns Consider New Unis....Please not Black!

First Joe Banner made an oblique reference to the possibility of the Cleveland BROWNS getting new unis for next season.  Now the owner has chimed in too.

Oreo?  Really?