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Camouflage Baseball Uniforms: Support Our Troops!

Padres Camouflage Baseball Uniform
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This post is in honor of our military men and women in the service of risking their lives protecting our freedom and our country. Since 2000 the San Diego Padres and many other baseball teams as well have dawned camouflage baseball uniforms to show support for our troops and to remind them that we are anxiously awaiting their return home safe and sound. Unfortunately, despite the noble cause many "fans" have nothing but feelings of negativity and complaints, ranting and raving about how the uniforms are so ugly!

So to tip the scales in the favor of our troops here is a small gallery of camouflage baseball uniforms. (there's ever a few camouflage softball uniforms too!)

camo baseball jerseys
Cyclones in their camo baseball jerseys

Camouflage Youth Baseball Uniforms
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Camouflage Kids Baseball Jerseys
Camouflage Baseball Uniforms - ADV Camouflage Package

Camouflage Girls Youth Fastpitch Softball Uniforms
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Uni Watch Blog
The Padres Camouflage Catchers Uniform and Equipment

camo baseball pants
The American Defenders of New Hampshire

Under Armour Camouflage Cleats
Under Armour Camouflage Baseball Cleats


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kids clothing said...

Let's support our troops in any way that we can. Those uniforms were great. I admire all the soldiers out there.