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Basketball Uniforms -- The Sweet 16 Battle is On!

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Being in the Sweet 16 @ the "Big Dance" is an enormous accomplishment. An honor for the participants. And...well, the best damn place in the world to strut your basketball uniform sense of style. (This is admittedly probably a minority point of view on the subject of the NCAA tournament, but...hey...It's what I do here.)

With all the eyes of the basketball loving universe upon them, the top college teams are sure to be wearing their Sunday, goin' to church best, right? So let's take look at this year's Sweet 16 competitors. The early favorites to move on the the "Fashion Final Four". And the sad sack Cinderellas drably waiting for their coach to turn into a pumpkin.(That's "coach" as in horse-driven carriage.)

Please remember that betting is strictly prohibited in this pursuit (although rampant and fun as all get out.) Let the "catwalk on the courts begin"!

First off, Nike is all OVER this group and for those that say it's "all over" for Nike (see Under Armour), the timing might not be so coincidental. Unlike in years past when the mighty swooshsters seemed to design basketball unis with one eye tied behind their backsides, this years crop is pretty impressive and diverse in their impressiveness....but I digress.

Let's start with the "Sour Suckers of the Sweet 16":

#4. Kansas. So middle of the road, middle of the country, middle of muck & mire. They look like the pattern TV use to pop up with the national anthem, when TV "went blank" for the night. (I swear kids, this used t happen!) Sa-Noooze.

#3. North Carolina. "Old school" is kinda cool. Same old Crap...? Not so cool. The diamond, plaid-esque design on the side panels pixel ates with violence on my 52" HD flat screen. These unis were made with B&W "rabbit ear" TV sets in mind.

University of Pittsburgh Basketball Uniforms#2. Pittsburgh. Steeltown, USA. Yeah, I get it. But do your unis have to look like some coal miner's daughter's Home Ec class project?! Knit one, pearl two. Okay, nap time now, kids.

And this year's biggest NCAA Tournament FASHION DISASTER...

#1. Gonzaga. Looks like someone on the team's Grandmom volunteered to make uniforms for the event. And she had "lots of old braiding and piping and swatches of a whole different color of fabric over here that would look nice...." Tries WAY TOO HARD. And somehow manages to fail 3 times over in the process.
Basketball Uniform Fail!


Now, the "Fashion Final Four" the Best Dressed @ the Big Dance:

#4. Louisville. Had to get an Adidas team in here and they did it up right. Wide shoulder cut, good use of construct.

#3. Oklahoma. A surprise to even myself. These do the Sooner state proud.

#2. Villanova. Really cool use of alternating, two-tone trim around neck and more. That Jay Wright knows from style.

And my pick for the #1 best dressed team @ the Big Dance....

#1. SYRACUSE. Or The Orange. Or more simply: ORANGE. The simple statement made bold with color. Even the home uni. Proves that you don't gotta get all jiggy wit' it to take home the prize.

Syracuse Basketball Uniforms are Awesome and Orange!
Syracuse Basketball Uniforms look damn good!

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