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Baseball Batting Helmet Safety

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Unlike football, boxing and MMA, baseball is not a contact sport. Despite that fact safety precautions must still be applied and understood by all players of the sport, specifically I'm speaking about baseball batting helmets.

Currently attitudes about wearing batting helmets for baseball have changed drastically since the were first invented by Roger Bresnahan in 1908. Roger Bresnahan, the New York Giants catcher was hospitalized for a month during a baseball game after being hit in the head. After learning from first hand and a near fatal experience about the damage a speeding baseball can cause to players, he invented the baseball batting helmet!

Today batting helmets are mandatory in the MLB for players and coaches that are on the field, even the bat and ball boys/girls are required too! It's great to see that attitudes towards the safety of the players are taken seriously and progress in is being made in the advancement of the technology for the safety equipment as well.

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