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Baseball Pants For Dummies: A quick and simple guide for the totally clueless

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The sport of baseball has come a long way since its inception (a rock and a stick) and after all of the progress made there still isn’t an easy way to decide which pant to wear. This guide is intend to be a tool to decide what style of pant to wear with your baseball jersey and as companion to my Types of Baseball Uniforms post. Now with that out of the way, lets get started!

Knicker Length Baseball Pants
Traditional Cut – Mid Calf or ¾ Length Knickers
The nostalgic value of the traditional ¾ length knickers is priceless, nothing captures this better than the mid calf cut and for good reason, it was apart of the first baseball uniform! The benefits of the “throwback” back pant style is that they are out of the way of the cleats and are in no danger of overlapping the bottom as it is with the now infamous Baggy Cut Pants, a.k.a Pajama Pants! Traditionally worn with stockings and stirrups, today just socks are worn with them. Also like many modern updates the original white with navy stripes or solid black has become somewhat less popular and the color and decoration combinations are near limitless!

Ankle Length Baseball Pants
Ankle Length Elasticized Leg
Today this is the standard baseball pant that you just can’t go wrong with, it is readily available in many sizes, lengths, fabrics and colors. It also lends itself well to decoration options such as pinstripes, panels, piping and braiding. The ankle length pant is the best bet for any team looking for a strong uniform look with out much of a headache.

Open Bottom Baseball Pants
Open Bottom Leg – Hemmed and Unhemmed
This guy is the less uptight cousin of the ankle length pant, its shares all of the pros of the ankle length pant, but with one key exception there is no elastic! These come hemmed and unhemmed. If they are unhemmed they can either be hemmed to the player’s preferred length or just left unhemmed so that they fall to the shoe. This particular style of pant is a great alternative for those who find the elastic bands uncomfortable and are looking for a somewhat more relaxed fit. Like ankle length pant the Open Bottom pant comes in a variety of colors and decoration options to suit what ever your team needs are.

Baggy Cut Pants
Baggy Cut Open Leg or Unhemmed
The most relaxed and loose fitting pant on the market. Tradition is completely thrown to the wind in the name of style, which has created the now infamous Manny Ramirez “Pajama Pants.” Influenced by black/hip-hop culture the same way basketball, football and many other professional sports, today’s athlete is looking for form, function and comfort. There are many naysayers and fans complaining about the style and talk about the good old days, but these are also the same people not on the field playing the game.

In my opinion, its not what you wear, but how you play the game!

If you have any questions feel free to ask: Adrian at TSP

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