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UNC's New Football Uniforms: True Blue and Black, Too?

The University of North Carolina's football team (the Tar Heels) recently unveiled their new look for the coming 2013 season.    I like them.  Columbia Blue (almost universally referred to as "Carolina Blue" everywhere other than the trademark infringement, lawyer averse sporting goods industry) isn't the easiest color to work with.  "Powder Blue" or "Sky" or "Light" or --heaven forbid-- "Baby Blue" doesn't help with the color's street cred either.  Particularly when that street is 100 yards long and designed for violent interaction between large men.  So Nike should be commended.

On the other hand, I remember a trend in the NFL awhile back (and the NBA) to add black to the color scheme of every team.  Even where it made no sense whatsoever.  I was living in LA at the time, which coincided with Al Davis' Oakland Raiders brief stay in that football phobic metropolis.   Even in my hometown of Philly, the Eagles have, most regrettably awkwardly infused the color black strategy.  Thankfully, those fashion-forward, but football forgettable uniforms are kept shuttered in for most of any season.   And a quick peek at the 3 uniforms below should be all the proof you need to understand why.  A splash of black on a jersey?  Awesome. Mostly black jersey?  Looks great at the mall.  On the football field?   I don't buy it.