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Camouflage Football Uniforms: Support Our Troops!

Camouflage Football Uniforms: Support Our Troops!
Looking for Camouflage Football Uniforms? Click Here!

Camouflage Football Uniform
This post is a follow up post to further honor our men and women in the armed service. After I've finished the Camouflage Baseball Uniforms post, I realized my job just isn't finished. So this post about camouflage football uniforms is here to "Git Er Done!"

Football UniformsUnstoppable!

Camouflage Football UniformVictory!

Camouflage Football UniformCorona del Sol

Camouflage Football UniformThe Omaha Nighthawks in Camouflage!

Camouflage Football UniformCommitment! Service! Country!

Camouflage Football UniformUtah Utes in Under Armour Camo Uniforms

Camouflage Football UniformCamouflage Football Helmets

Camouflage Football UniformThe Army in Black Football Uniforms

Camouflage Football UniformLimited Edition Under Armour Football Cleats


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New Xenith X2 Football Helmets

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Football Helmets
The New Xenith X2 Football Helmets are awesome!

Close up of cushion
Adapts To The Head
The X2's Crown Fit Band allows for precise fit around the circumference of the head.

Tightening the chin straps
Fit Seeker cinches around the back of the head and jaw pads to comfortably secure the helmet. Interchangeable jaw and comfort pads offer and additional level of customization and comfort.

Adapts To The Hit
Adapts To The Hit
Shock Bonnet adapts the helmet's compression to the magnitude and direction of the impact, reducing the sudden movement of the head.

1 Shell
Polycarbonate Adult Shell and Impact Modified ABS Plastic youth Shell with Air Flow Vents.

2 Snap Buckle
Precision Plastic Buckle with Smooth, Rounded Edge

3 Facemask Clips
Custom Designed, Durable Plastic

4 Facemask
Carbon Steel with Polyethylene Powder Coating

5 Chin Cup
Vented Synthetic Leather Soft Chin Cup Lined with Moisture-Wicking Fabric

6 Chinstraps
High Strength Nylon Webbing with Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane Coating

Over all, the new helmets are pretty good!