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Football Uniforms - Stop the Throwbacks Already!

Maybe I'm not as nostalgic as most. Guilty. But I really thought the NFL's decision to introduce the throwback uniforms was a one year aberration. It was kitschy. Put some extra moolah in the, er, cash-strapped NFL's coffers.

But enough already. Just stop trotting out self-respecting, modern football teams in these sideshow travesties of uniforms. Now. Before I hurl.

Watching Brett Favre play in the old New York Titans uniforms on Sunday was torture. It's confusing. It distracts from the game. It is arguably belittling to the players & fans alike. As a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, I should not have to live in mortal fear of seeing my beloved team in their positively Horrific throwback jersey any time again in my lifetime. That goes for MLB, NBA & NHL, too!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't disagree more. The throwback unis are fun. Modern NFL
uniforms are boring anyway.

Watching Brett in the old NY Titans garb was great fun -- the only reason I watched the game, by the way.

As far as the Eagles go -- yup, their throwbacks make you want to throw up. But then again, the Eagle uniforms have never been that great.

Soccer Uniform said...

Heyy dont say that..I love NFL
soccer uniforms!!!