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If "6" turned out to be "9"?

Kind of a stupid Jimi Hendrix reference...but "HEY! I'm trying to generate traffic!

My point is actually this: NUMBERING sports team uniforms can be ridiculously complicated. For example, were you aware that it is perfectly legal for two players on the same college football team to have the same exact number? Truth is... YES!

It is perfectly legal. The players (normally an offensive and defensive player) just can't be on the field at the same time. How's this so? Well, it's in the numbers!

College football teams can carry in upwards of 120 players on their "roster". They ain't gonna play them all mind you; but they can keep them all throughout the year. Pro teams have a 53 man roster with 6-8 players on the development squad.

This is just one of ---pun intended--INNUMERABLE examples of NUMBERING problems in team sports uniforms...

Let me hear your numbering horror stories....

Sports Uniform Guy

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