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Cheerleader Uniforms: I’m Shocked, Shocked

Sarah Palin in Philadelphia
With apologies to Casablanca’s Captain Renault, I’m shocked, shocked. Although I’m not sure at who. Or why exactly.

Some of you may have –no doubt- already gotten wind of the controversy surrounding the University of Idaho’s cheerleading uniform controversy. Seems that, some obliquely identified source(s) of complaints about the new uniforms’ “skimpiness” has lead to an immediate retraction of said offending cheerleading uniforms by the school.

Oliver Stone fans might readily suggest it’s due to the fact that the U of I is Sarah Palin’s alma mater (which is true, Class of ‘87). But, when you realize that the Republican party’s VP candidate spent time at five (5) colleges in five (5) years to get her undergraduate degree…well, it’s not exactly a new grassy knoll.
Let’s first realize that “skimpy” really is in the eye of the beholder. Suffice to say, I don’t think the fellas on the football team were lobbying for the change(See before and after photos) Parents, pundits, prudes and some professors, no doubt were probably represented in not some numbers.

Odd to me was that there were quotes ion the article that suggested some of the cheerleaders themselves objected. One opining, “not every on is a size zero.” True enough. But not everyone is on the football team either. Or the swim team for that matter. Are burkas next?

Before and After

See the article in the local paper linked below. The most shocking statement came from the Athletic Director or someone with purchase authority, who, earlier this same season had to “retire” objectionable football pants. Someone had apparently thought that having letters “U-I” on the buttcakes of the players was a good idea. In his defense, he exclaimed “We didn’t know how they were gonna look” (or words to that effect). I don’t know how a roast pig on my head is gonna look either, but I got a good guess it ain’t gonna be pretty

It’ll be interesting to hear how Senator Joe Biden addresses Governor Sarah Palin in this Great Uniform Decency debate. That’s what the debate thing tonight is gonna be about, right?

Idaho cheerleaders to replace skimpy outfits

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