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Volleyball Uniforms - Mizuno Vs. Mizuno

Pictures of Japan's Olympic Volleyball Team Uniform and of the U.S. Olympic Volleyball Team Uniform
Or should I say - US vs. Japan in round one action in Beijing. Both teams are wearing Mizuno unis...albeit slightly different versions thereof. Here's what I'm thinking...

I wasn't sure if Japan or the US was going full sublimation (where the player numbers , names and team emblem are sublimated, as opposed to just the other design elements of the unis. Frankly, they just switched over to fencing so I'm not sure even as I type.

I prefer the US squad's version as the Japanese take is a little clunky around the neckline for my taste. The fit on both is incredible.
(Go figure!)

Both shoulder cuts seem to be stylish and very functional (what more could you ask for?)

I actully like the Japanese team's "fade" look vs. the pure solids of the US though. There's a reason why sublimated design is rapidly growing in popularity. In short, you can do some really cool stuff with it.

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