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Uniform Spelling Snafus

The folks over at Sports Review Magazine caught a great uni snafu with a misspelling of the MINNESOTA Twins uni.

It reminded me of one of the early mistakes we at Team Sports Planet made.

Apparently there's a town near Sacramento, California named FULSOM, not at all related to “FOLSOM” AS IN THE PRISON (of Johnny Cash fame).

Well...we were new to the uni game and not as detail oriented as this biz requires and we failed to pick up on this —ONE STINKING VOWEL— difference.

As you might expect — and they had every right to be so — the fine folks of FULSOM were not at all thrilled when we delivered, ostensibly, PRISON GARB, for their little leaguers to play in!

Fortunately, we've gotteen beeter and grown to sucha degree that this is a humorous anecdote now and not "the final straw" in our biz history.

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