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Performance Wear - Be "Me, Too" Mania

It wasn't so long ago (think 5 years) when the words "performance wear" & Under Armour were almost synonymous. The wicked hot, Baltimore-based company (founded in 1996) had virtually invented the category and ruled the roost and justly so.

While they still rule (with good reason) the category they created has run amuck with contenders and pretenders, posers and...well, some nice additions.

What's a coach, AD or average "Joe-buyer" supposed to do...?

At this writing, every respectable sports team uniform manufacturer in the free world has some variation to promote in the "performance" category. If I never hear the word "anti-microbial" again, I will die a happy man, but I don't suspect that'll happen. Same goes for "moisture-wicking". Nonetheless, the "performance fabrics and processes" (yes, there are two separate things) are here to stay. And they definitely are worth paying attention to.

They feel very good. They DRY very quick. They have tremendous value for just those reasons.

For that reason and much more....I will continue to expound on this subject for weeks/months and perhaps years to come...Please feel free to join the conversation!

Sports Uniform Guy

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