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Softball Uniforms: Shorts or Long Pants?

Here's a link to a cool little video about softball uniforms where they look at shorts versus long pants: Softball Uniforms: Trend Change

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Anonymous said...

I've seen a trend in more softball teams beginning to wear pants vs shorts. I personally like the classic and clean-cut look of pants.

Sports Uniform Guy said...

It's definiitely a "different strokes for different folks" thing. I remember I was showing some shorts to the buyer for the Philly school district and she flatly said she wouldn't even consider "hoochie mama shorts"! (true story)

Like in almost every case, there's no real "Best" answer. It depends on your team (school or travel, elite or league, and so on). Budget is always a consideration, too. How old are the athletes? How long do they have to last --particularly true with pants/shorts in fastpitch. Style and preference definitely are factors, no doubt. But they can't completely govern the direction a coach, AD, committee or team Mom makes.