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Soccer Uniforms -- New Brand on the Pitch

Soccer presents something of a contradiction. It's the world's most popular sport, in part because there is so little --in terms of money-- to participate. Shirts & skins and a ball, some goal markers and you're pretty much good to go. Paradoxically, when it comes to soccer uniforms, you'll find no more brand name conscious sport out there.

I had one soccer company guy (not a soccer uniforms manufacturer, but a goals & equipment guy) say to me:"If I walk into a store and don't see Adidas, it ain't a soccer store." No question Adidas is the undisputed brand of soccer the world over. As much as NIKE may argue, that's the truth.

Close -- but not THAT close -- 2nd tier brands are Umbro, Diadora and the like. But those companies have had a world of trouble getting distribution in the US. True, league play (as opposed to Travel & Elite) gets a lot of attention from Far East manufacturers that sell direct (e.g., Score), but thats kind of a whole different ball of wax.

The big news for the coming Fall & Indoor seasons is that Under Armour, the biggest toughest new kid on the block has decided to flex it's marketing and manufacturing muscle on the pitch. Under Armour is doing soccer uniforms. And doing so in a big way. Their advanced and hugely popular fabric technologies gives them a big edge on all the other also rans of years past.

With UA on the pitch, there's sure to be some shaking going on.

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David said...

I agree that Adidas is currently the dominant soccer brand but I am excited to hear about new soccer brands that are emerging like Sawol on