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Football Uniforms - Heat is the Enemy

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I remember the Under Armour ad campaign "Cotton is the Enemy". Well, since they've recently come out with a new product line that "Feels like Cotton, Works like Performance Fabric" (or something like that) they've kinda backed off that contentious campaign. By the way these cotton-esque Under Armour products are the BOMB.
I love performance wear and UA is still hands down the best, even if EVERY manufacturer has some version of it these days. That said, I love the feel of cotton, too. It's buttery softness. And, no matter how good most performance wear is, it can still feel a little polyester-like (Uh...because that's what it large measure.) So this new fabric blend from Under Armour is awesome. Go to my company's site, give us a call, we'll get you out some samples....But I digress. (Sorry I am an entrepreneur/small business owner.)

Football training camps are staring us in the face. It's great. And it sucks, too. My personal recollections, even 20 + plus removed are ones of abject misery. Exhaustion. Sweat. Pain. Sweat. More pain. Much more exhaustion. And, yes, gallons upon gallons more of sweat.

Football training camps at any level are many things. Pretty ain't one of them.

From a coach's point of view, the experience is, however, invaluable. The concentration level, the singularity of focus, the bonding, the....well, you get the idea.

But with the advancements in fabric technology in the past few years (along with proper hydration) , football players in training camps need not be candidates for heat related illness or injury. The thinking man's football coach looks at addressing the potential problems from the inside out.

Start with the body --again-- keep your athletes hydrated. No exceptions. Next, utilize quality performance wear underneath shoulder pads. Here's a link to a study that proves this point beyond a doubt.

Risk of Heat Illness in Football Players...
(Thanks, "Mom's")

Then, strongly consider upgrading to performance (i.e., moisture-wicking) uniforms. Jerseys in particular. I know, me being who I am, that this may sound self-serving. But the simple fact of the matter is that heat stroke is serious and can even be life-threatening.

Football uniforms as a whole are designed for performance. Their purpose is functionality in an intentially violent enviroment. You wouldn't think of going without a helmet, shoulder pads and other protective aspects. Performance fabric in your team's uniforms should be added to that list.

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