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 Here at Sports Uniform Stuff (SUS) we occasionally like to reach out to the coaching community and hear what’s on their minds.  This go ‘round we spoke to that rarest of breeds, High School Cross Country Coaches (HSXCC).

We asked them what was on their minds. What was bothering them. What differences there are in today’s high school cross country runners as compared to when they themselves competed. 

As you might have expected when asking long distance running coaches almost anything, we got a lot more than we bargained for.
However, since here at SUS, we can’t go on and on and on like they tend to do….

we just made ‘em up ourselves. So here are the top ten.

            Top 10 High School Cross Country Coach Rants

 10. Future Philosophy majors slowing down to “see the forest on account of the trees."

9. Climate change has made running through forests a whole lot easier than in years past.

8.  Due to changes in the fabric of XC uniforms, runners are no longer able to spell or properly pronounce the words “Nylon Tricot."
7.  “Helicopter Parents” renting actual helicopters to watch their precious kids run 3.1 lousy miles from above; sometimes using bullhorns to “cheer” them on.
6.  The mid-run posting of seemingly mandatory “Instagram moments”.

5.  Being asked to explain 

the concept of “moisture wicking” to fellow faculty members.

  4.  Pre-race ingestion of Energy Drinks by runners leading to “hard to get out," electrolyte-rich, pee stains on compression shorts.

  3.  America’s continued refusal to convert to the Metric System.

 2.  Being asked, “What’s my favorite running App”?

1. Jared Leto’s portrayal of Steve Prefontaine in 1997’s god-awful movie “Prefontaine”.  (Though many coaches of the female persuasion did still hold a soft spot in their heart for Jordan Catalano.)
Those eyes, though.

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