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Highlighting CHAMPRO’S Charitable Work…and hey, Welcome Back!

Today’s focus is aimed at highlighting some of the great work being done by one of our partners, CHAMPRO Sports.  Their continued commitment to corporate responsibility is one of the many reasons we’re proud to be in business with CHAMPRO.  

Here at TSP HQ, most of our experience with Ethiopian culture involves fantastic Ethiopian restaurants in West Philly (Bluegrass Thursdays at Fiume, anyone?).  Seriously though, as an international team sports dealer, we take pride in serving customers all over the world, including providing uniforms and apparel to ICS ADDIS (an International school based in Ethiopia very near to the CHAMPRO facility).

CHAMPRO's charitable work in this area deserves praise. In 1999, a partnership, sponsored by the Ethio-American Trade and Investment Council (EATIC), was formed between CHAMPRO and an Ethiopian investor to open a garment factory there. And the rest as they say, is history.

Upon visiting the site of their joint venture in 2002, then Secretary of State Paul O’Neill and U2 lead singer and activist Bono told the press contingent that, “the CHAMPRO factory could provide a model for investment, trade and development in Africa.”

Also from their website: “In 2001, the CHAMPRO® School was founded in Qarsa, Ethiopia to provide educational opportunities for children in a community that never had a school. The CHAMPRO® School was started with one grade in 2001.”  

Today, the school educates over 600 children in grades 1-8 and is lit using the first electricity in the community. It was born from Solar Panels installed in 2007.  Imagine that…running a school for almost 7 years without electricity. Reminds you how resilient human beings really are.  We are big believers in giving back to the communities we serve here at Team Sports Planet. CHAMPRO Sports is doing great work in this area.  You can read more about it HERE:

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