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Football Helmets: Technology and Concussions

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Xenith X1 Football Helmet
As the great football safety debate rages on, the need for safer more technologically advanced football equipment grows, specifically football helmets. Before this football season the need for improved safety and the call for better equipment has been largely overlook, suppressed and in most cases down right ignored.

Today is a new day and that is no longer the case, with the recent rash in concussions, the NFL and all other leagues and associations can no longer ignore this inconvenient truth. Something has got to be done and now is time for a change!

So what to do and where to start? At the top and in football that means the helmet, the most important piece of equipment any player owns. Today, the sport of football has come a long way since the days for leather and hand crafting was the height of technology, now polycarbonate shells lined with dense foam padding either polyurethane, polystyrene, polypropylene, ethylene vinyl acetate or a combination is standard for use in modern football helmet design.

Even still this isn't enough and we must push the limits. Today many experts believe that Xenith's X1 is the future of football and here's why:

"When a player wearing an X1 takes a relatively mild hit, the pressure forces air out of the pinholes, dispelling force by deflating the absorber until it’s as flat as a saucer. When the pressure is removed, the absorbers reinflate quickly… and the helmet is ready for the next impact. During a more violent collision… the higher level of force tries to displace the air more quickly than the pinhole can accommodate, thereby increasing the air pressure inside the absorber. That pressure stiffens the disk, offering skull protection much as traditional helmets do."

So is there hope for the future? I sure believe so!

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