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Uni We Love: College Football's Texas Longhorns have some pretty iconic uniforms. In fact, around here at TSP we sometimes refer to the particular shade of orange they wear as "Texas Orange" or "Texas" for short. Last Saturday, in their 59-20 victory over Big 12 rival Kansas, they busted out an alternate football jersey we loved. The move was intended to honor former Longhorn safety Freddie Steinmark

Steinmark has quite the story. As Haisten Willis at Burnt Orange Nation tells us, "Steinmark was a star cornerback on the 1969 national championship team and appeared in the 'Game of the Century' against Arkansas with a hurt left leg. Tragically, cancer was discovered in that leg just days later and it was quickly amputated. In 1971 he succumbed to the disease, helping to inspire the National Cancer Act of 1971." In addition to the throwback uniforms, the Longhorns also named their scoreboard after Steinmark. A fitting tribute to a legendary player, some folks are already calling to instate the uniform year round, and we're inclined to agree. 

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Team of the Week: This week's Team of the Week is the 10 and 
under Weatherford Crossfire Softball team, seen here in our royal blue, graphite, and white Mystic Jerseys and matching royal blue pants. Both tops and bottoms are manufactured by Augusta, who take pride in their state of the art ability to match colors no matter the material or garment.These young sluggers play in Weatherford, Texas and we're proud to call them a TSP team. 

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