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Battle of the Generations

Uni We Love: Here at TSP we're
excited about the introduction this week of two exclusive new designs created by our awesome art team. The Elite Super Arrow and the Elite Semi Pro were created in part in response to feedback we've been receiving from customers looking for a look like some of the classic NBA uniforms from the past. 

This also got us talking about this question-posing graphic that's been making the rounds on the NBA-centric circles of the internet.

Opinions were mixed both around TSP HQ and the interwebs, with a clear bias toward the most recent teams. None of the other centers could match Shaq's sheer physicality on the 00's team, one argument goes. No one could compete with the long distance shooting of the 10's team, says another.

But the 80's team with Magic Johnson heading the point, Isaiah Thomas playing the off-ball smaller guard, Moses Malone and Kevin McHale kicking butt and taking names underneath, and the greatest Small Forward of all time, Mr. Larry Bird, doing a little bit of everything else, would, in this writer's opinion, ultimately take the day.

Reading Material: For some historical perspective on the mastermind of our greatest modern sports dynasty, check out Jordan Ritter Conn's investigation into Greg Poppovich's formative years.   
The class of the sports uniform blog game, Mr. Paul Lukas, has some, shall we say, unfiltered opinions on the Oregon Ducks latest "costume." And in honor of the MLB playoffs, a nice piece from Grant Brisbee at SB Nation on Met's pitcher Matt Harvey

Team of the Week: This week we're giving a shout out to Abilene, Texas' very own West Texas Impact '05 Fast Pitch Team. These girls were undefeated champs in their league last year, and here they are rocking some Augusta Performance Tees in Columbia Blue with their Hot Pink emblem. 
Notice how the tail becomes a cancer awareness ribbon. A nice personalized touch for our champions. Check out more of our custom softball uniforms here

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