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In this new semi-regular feature at SUS, the fun size entry to our regular king size column, we’ll run down a few items of note each week.

Uni We LoveThough our esteemed colleague Mr. Lukas at Uni-Watch had no love for the 49ers red on black look for their Monday Night Football late show showdown with the Vikings, we beg to differ. Sure maybe it is black for black's sake. And maybe the numbers are hard to read. But they looked fierce!
And they held the esteemed Mr. Peterson to a mere mortal rushing performance. As the old country song says, they "must be doing something right."  Who do you want on your side in the trenches? The purple and white or the red and black? I rest my case.

Reading Material:

The brainiacs at fivethirtyeight do what they do best, get to the bottom of the data, on an interesting mascot issue.

Chuck Klosterman has some brief but very poignant thoughts on the passing of NBA legend Moses Malone.

Jay Caspian Kang goes deep with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NYT Magazine.  

TSP Team(s) of the Week:

Two teams we're outfitting at the front of the pack in both style and substance are the Black Diamond Express and the Motown Cheetahs. These are sister teams based out of Morgantown, West Virginia.

The Cheetahs, pictured here in our top of the line design your own sublimated ADV Fireworks custom softball jerseys, captured the 12 and under state championship this year in style.

Their sister squad, the Black Diamond Express also made Morgantown proud. Here they are pictured rolling down High Street in Morgantown celebrating their championship, rocking our design-your-own Elite Bash Deluxe Jerseys.

Look at those smiles! Look at those uniforms! That’s what we call a win-win.
Those are just two of the teams TSP keeps looking sharp and ready to win! 

Would you like your team to be considered for a future TSP Team of the Week? 

Let us know by emailing and tell us why your team or teams should be included in the next edition of Team of the Week. Thanks for reading, Team Sports Planeteers.

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