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What Not to Wear: Fashion or Football?

Well folks, It was only a matter of time until the fashion police (oops... I meant the suits of the NFL) stepped in and start putting a stop to players customized facemasks. And who is the frontrunner of these talks? No other than the pioneer of the custom facemask Justin Tuck. Which in a interview said his "wasn't a fashion statement" and is for medical reasons only, he suffered a eye injury in the past (..Rrright). Then why not wear a 3 bar facemask with a visor so a lineman's hand wouldn't be able to fit through if that was the case. I really don't see what the big deal the NFL is making about them but don't try and play it off as something medical because when it comes down to it, I think  players are just tried of getting grabbed and pulled by their facemask and are just trying to find ways to cut that down or eliminate completely. I love the ideal of wiping out the facemask penalty on top of the way they look. Its just another way for the football suits trying to suck the life out of the game as well as how players express themselves.

Check out this article from The New York Times
The New York Times

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