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Will the Pelicans Fly in New Orleans?

If there's almost no logic to the Utah Jazz (formerly New Orleans based NBA team, where the name --Jazz--made a ton of sense), there may be some rhyme or reason to the the proposed new name for the Hornets, the New Orleans Pelicans

The formerly the Charlotte, NC-based NBA team, where the name --Hornets--once more made sense and never has down on the Bayou. 

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous naturalistic anomoly of the LA Lakers, a city that, prior to the late 19th century was essentially a DESERT!

But it seems that the New Orleans Pelicans are set to fly into the NBA in the 2013-14 season.


It seems, at least to the team owner Tom Benson, that Pelicans will resonate much more with the local community.  Really?!?!   Or has Mardi Gras started early in the executive offices?


Thoughts on Hockey Unis

Here in Philly, we're all "Flyer'd UP!" about the return of the NHL.  Would be more so if we didn't "jump out" to an 0-2 start, but Hey, it's a long season.

Wait...It's not a long season?!?!

Anyhoo, the folks over at Bleacher Report took this opportunity to reflect on the state of unis in hockey.  Some takes on the subject had me in stitiches, so I thought I'd share their thoughts with, as we say in Flyer Nation, "Youz Guyz"

NHL Uniforms on the Chopping Block


Cleveland Browns Brouhaha

Browns Consider New Unis....Please not Black!

First Joe Banner made an oblique reference to the possibility of the Cleveland BROWNS getting new unis for next season.  Now the owner has chimed in too.

Oreo?  Really?