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Nike, which has taken over for Reebok as the official uniform supplier to all 32 NFL teams, will unveil its new line Tuesday in New York.

Either way, Michael Vick, a Nike guy, likes what he's seen.

"The new NFL uniforms thru Nike are going to be crazy . . . Innovation at its finest!," he tweeted Monday night.

Some teams are expected to have tweaks to the logos and colors, but you likely won't see any wild apparel designs like those of the Oregon Ducks, who also have their uniforms supplied by Nike. According to the Associated Press, the Ducks have seven jerseys and six pants.

"Team logo [and] color changes have to be approved by the clubs and the league," NFL vice president of corporate communications Brian McCarthy told "Aside from that, I really wouldn't want to get into what the unveiling would look like. It's Nike's unveiling, so I really wouldn't want to step on their toes."

Apparently, the biggest difference will be in the material. Many reports are predicting sleek, lightweight fabrics that fit better, and could conceivably enhance performance.