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Contrary To What I Thought I Might Think

I'm okay with the FIFA Ruling on the Iranian Women's soccer team's uniforms.

I have a problem with radical Islam. I certainly have a big problem with Iran's refusal to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. And I hate it whenever politics interrupts sports, particularly youth sports.

But as the Sports Uniform Guy, I got no problem with FIFA making Iran's girls soccer team wear a skull cap as opposed to the hijab that Iran wanted them to wear. And that Iran objected to their previously being barred from participation based on their desired uniform choice. This falls into my, "Life is too short to ruin a good game of [FILL IN ANY SPORT]" category.

But, just for some perspective, this is how girls in Iran looked whilst playing soccer back in the godforsaken 70's....proving it wasn't all satin and crushed velvet back then!

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